Monday, March 28, 2016

Next update!  Kylie and I have been doing some gaming and became members of the Kootenai County Saddle Club.  They have several playdays a year and it is fairly inexpensive to ride in.  We mainly do it for fun.  I have not ridden Koda in the actual play days but have taken him there for exposure.  Hoping to get some training going in the next few weeks and get him out there.

Kylie loves to game on Cedar.  They are teaching each other it is not always about speed but control.  It has been a great lesson for her and they did well last year.  I think this year they will be even better.

Other then that life is sort of a mess but working on getting it all together.  In the middle of a divorce after 19 years, not real messy but still a divorce.  I moved to Spokane but the horses are still at the house for now. That way Kylie and I can still ride and do that together.  She has one more year in school, then we will figure it out from there.  I am in a much better place in life then I was.  Attitude, stress, all of it is 100X better.  So we will go from here :)

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Linda said...

It sounds like you and Kylie are having a blast together! You have beautiful, wonderful daughters, Tina. A divorce is one of the hardest things anyone can go through. I rode horses with Shiloh a lot in the aftermath of mine. My head was spinning most of the time and I had become a shell of my former self after many years of unhappiness. I had only been married 13 years. My kids are still around me and I talk to them or see them pretty much every day--even though they're all living on their own now. We need to find a good time and place to ride. I'll message you on Facebook.