Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pictures from MDH Easter Ride 04-09

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kylie and I had such a good time at the's Easter egg ride. Kylie rode Stubby for the last time, as he goes to his new home at the end of the month. I really debated on keeping him for this year and letting her transition into Autumn, but I or Sam found him a good home. The decision would be to keep him and hope to find him a good home later or let him go with his little buddy Simba where he will have company and a couple four year olds to love on him. At my house he is always in a pen by himself and where he is going he will be pasture buddy with Simba. They get along great, you should have seen Simba throw a fit when I put Stubby in the trailer. Kylie will be getting a new saddle as her pony saddle will go with Stubby. I really think she is ready to move up. On to a new adventure with Kylie and Autumn. I am still nervous and might see if I can get Andrea to come out and give her some lessons on Autumn. Andrea really helped her with Stubby and I think it would be great for her to have someone not hovering and letting her go. I did let Kylie ride Autumn in the arena after our ride and she did really good.
At the beginning before our ride we were all riding in the arena to get the horses warmed up and ready to go. I was ponying (spelling?) Stubby off of Autumn and she decided to be a butt so I let Stubby go, Kylie rode off like a pro. She did very well keeping Stubby in check around the other horses and paying attention to what she was doing. I was very proud of her. I did have Sam pony her on the trail ride, but I think she would have done just fine, for her first ride out like that I figured better safe then sorry. Sam rode Ben and he was a trooper. We were only out about an hour and a half but it was all of the horses first ride out and I didn't want to overwork them. Anyway I look forward to more rides in the future!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I can't believe it has been over a month since I have been on here. Where does time go? Work has been crazy busy, which is good. Last month we killed the previous years total in sales. The girls have started their spring sports - Kylie is in Soccer and Haley is doing track. We do have a ride coming up this weekend. I am very excited and hope that the weather cooperates. I am going to take Autumn and Kylie will be riding Stubby. I was going to just ride Ben but he is more of a follower and I will need to be in the lead with Kylie riding Stubby. Ben is wierd about being in front sometimes and it is Kylie's first trail ride with other people. Sam might ride Ben if she is not working. The horses are still all spread out. We did talk to one neighbor and we can hook into their fence. It does need repaired before we can do it, but they said they would help and split any costs to fix it up. The other neighbor we talked to their son and he said he didn't see why not - the neighbors on the other side is hooked into their fence, but to ask his dad. Which we have not done, but that would mean we only need to fence the back and front (and fix the other neighbors fence). That would be a tremendous savings. The neighbors who's fence needs work is all for putting a gate and running our horses together (I think not, too much liability) but they seem really nice. So if I can get Dwane to get busy the girls will be home soon. I have a feeling he doesn't think it is a big priority but I do. The pasture where the girls are - they have a dog and she is heeling the horses and making them really not like dogs. Dwane hasn't personally seen it so does not believe me, but I have seen her do it and I don't like it. But they are helping us out so hopefully they will just be home soon! Happy spring riding to everyone.