Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pictures from our ride at Newman Lake - Willow and I

One of the views

Me on Willow Joeanne and Levi - he was tired.

I have not blogged in forever, still addicted to farmville! The summer is 2/3 over and the girls are surviving barely. Haley has been gone most of the summer at friends and poor Kylie has been stuck at home by herself. I have only been on a few rides. I went on a ride above Newman Lake that was really good. Willow decided to try bucking a few times on it but I knew she was in a pissy mood before we even started. Guess she was having a bad day. I then took Autumn and Willow with a friend from Seattle on a ride at Farragut. I am supposed to go tomorrow with a couple friends as long as it does not rain or thunder. Here are a couple pictures from our ride