Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ride at Farragut and other stuff

I got to go riding this weekend, at Farragut state park!! My friend Sam came over and we decided to load up and head to Farragut (which is only 10 miles from my house). I honestly don't know why I don't do it more often. We had a great time! She rode Autumn and I rode Willow. Willow was so good. She did have ouchy feet as her shoes were pulled Saturday and she was barefoot, we stayed off of most of the rocks and at the side of the trail. Monday morning she was pretty sore but by Monday afternoon she was back to her normal bossy self, chasing Autumn away from the hay pile with no problems. We took about a 3 hour ride and were a little cold on the way back but well worth it.
Kylie had her basketball game Saturday, she is doing a little better. If I could convince her that every time someone touches her it is not a major crime and they are not killing her, she would do better. Every time someone touches her she thinks she is getting slammed to the ground and shows the outraged ouchy face. Drama queen should be invented for her at times. Okay enough picking on my poor child.
Haley is still another story. Can I say I am not real impresseed with teenagers ( and she just turned 13) The "Your child will come back to haunt you like you did to your parents syndrome" has hit full force!
Other then that I leave at daybreak and get home after dark. I really hate the winter months. Looking forward to a long weekend - 4 days off!! Thanksgiving will be in St Maries at my brother in laws - father in laws house (yeah figure that one out) Fred is recovering from a 4 wheeler accident (the father in law of my brother in law) 4 broken ribs, seperated shoulder, and punctured lung - so I have volunteered to go down early and help as much as I can (for those of you who know me it won't be much help in the cooking area, there is a reason I bring pink salad and not anything cooked to these things) Which if anyone is looking for a good salad that is a little different here is the recipe:

Cherry pie filling - 1 can
Crushed Pineapple - 1 small can
Chopped Pecans - 1 bag
Condensed Milk - 1 can
Marshmallows - 1 cup
Cool Whip - 1 small container

Mix Cherry pie filling - Crushed Pineapple (drained) - Pecans and Condensed Milk together

Add Marshmallows and Cool whip - Mix thoroughly
Chill for a few hours
Everyone in Dwane's family loves this salad! You don't have to use pecans either you can add walnuts or whatever your family likes or leave the nuts out! I should add extra for my family:)
If I don't get back on here have a Happy Turkey Day!

Monday, November 17, 2008

What a productive weekend I had! It always feels good to accomplish all you have set out to do for the weekend! Started first thing Saturday morning with tearing out all the carpet in Haley's room. One of the dogs had decided that it was a good place to use as a bathroom and I could not get them to stop. So there goes the last of the carpet in my house (that was the plan anyway just not quite this sudden). Anyway, so all the carpet tour out the floor sanitized and painted with Kilz paint (seals the plywood). While I was waiting for that to dry - off to Kylie's basketball game. After the game I came home and the paint was not dry, out the door again to take Haley to a friend's house. On the way back home my neighbor was out in the field with her horse, so I stopped and talked to her. Got me thinking if the paint wasn't dry I could go for a little ride :). Back to my house - paint not dry (yeah). Out to the horses, asked my neighbor if she wanted to ride one of mine as her horse was being really naughty. Then after I had them saddled she couldn't go, we made plans to go together at 9 am on Sunday. One of my other neighbors showed up with her two kids and her son wanted to go with. Around the neighborhood we go! I was riding Autumn and he was riding Ben, it was so much fun. After that I got 80% of Haley's floor (laminate) installed.
Sunday, up bright and early and work on Haley's floor (first fed the horses so they could eat before we left). My neighbor came over and she rode Prince and I rode Autumn again. We had a nice little ride around the short loop. Back to Haley's room as I only had 2 hours before my other neighbor came back to go riding too! Lynne (my neighbor) pulled in right as I was cutting the last board for Haley's room. Got all of the horses out (she brought her two kids so we were all going). I saddled Willow up and was not sure how she was going to do. One it would be the first time I rode her out of the pen this year, second only the 5th time out of the pen her entire life, and finally I had not touched her in two months almost. At first she was all antsy and pinning her ears, so I stopped saddling and went up to her head, she hid her nose in the crook of my arm and I talked to her and petted her - then she was fine. She is such a goon. She did awesome! Only spooked at the swinging real estate signs, nothing else! Prince was the only pill, which scared Haley so she wouldn't go with us. Kylie was busy with one of her friends. Everyone settled in nicely for the ride and we went from there. After all that had to run to town drop off the Home Interiors order for MDH (moms daughtersandhorses.com) and pick up trim for Haley's room.
Now all I have to do is get Haleys room put back together :(, kind of tired tonight guess it will wait till tomorrow!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Third week weigh in down 4 more pounds! Yeah, except that it was due to me having the stomach flu on Monday night :)! I have not been that sick in a long time, luckily only a 24 hour thing and I am back to my cheery self by Thursday.
The poor horses are drenched. Hopefully they will have time to dry out now that it has finally stopped raining for a little while. I haven't really gotten to see them as Dwane is layed off and feeding for me. It is also dark when I get home so no help there. I will get to see them this weekend and if the weather cooperates go for a ride!
The girls are busy with school. Haley is on grade watch, every year we go through this, the beginning of the year she slacks till I get angry then she pulls them back up. I keep trying to explain to her it would be easier just to keep them up in the first place. Kylie is getting straight A's, I so remember when Haley did that. She is a smart little cookie and deserves a note of recognition for it! Honor roll assembly is actually going on right now, but the working mom can't make it :(
Other then that it is life as usual - did I mention my dad lost his County Commisioner position by 5 votes, just goes to show every vote can count (not that I am overly political, but a good example). Keep your chin up or you may drown!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Second week weigh in - I am down 1 more pound. Kind of a bummer after last week, but still down! Dwane has been layed off this week, too much rain. So I have not been out with the horses much. Pokumus has a new name - it is Autumn. Thank you Alisa from momsdaughtersandhorses.com! Haley loves the name! Well here is to watching what I eat more this week! Halloween did not help!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

After alot of thought and a couple breakdowns, I found a new home for Cody, in exchange for Cody I brought home a mare that is rideable. I checked on Cody the first night and they had already put a saddle on him! He was so good, for the trailer ride down, when he got out of the trailer, and when I left. Of course I almost cried, told Dwane we had to leave or I was going to cry.
The new mare is cute - a little bay. They called her Pokumus, but I don't like that name and can't think of any other name. I rode her that first day and hope to get on her again this weekend if the weather cooperates. I am excited to have a another rideable horse but also sad to see Cody go. He is going to make someone a great horse and I think they will find him very easy to saddle break. Anyway, there is my story - see Pokumus picture on the right!

What a busy and crazy weekend! Friday night was Halloween and we went to a neighbors party. Needless to say we did not get home until 2 am but it was fun. Saturday morning we got up and headed to St Maries, where Dwane's mom was getting out of the hospital from pneuomonia (I can't spell). Dwane's sister - Nannette - and I cleaned up Sue's house, made beds, wiped everything down, that type of stuff before she got home. Then we headed out to look at the mare that Nannette's friend wanted to trade me for Cody. Rode her around and talked as Dwane knew his girlfriend. Decided to do the trade. Back to St Maries where we met up with Dwane's brother Johnny to go to the Eagles Club for a Halloween party and dance for the kids. Stayed there until about 10 pm. Headed for home with the 5th wheel camper and no kids! Yeah they stayed at Johnny's, good thing since on the way home we blew a tire on the 5th wheel. Had to get up early the next morning to take Cody down and pick up Pokumus. Made it down there and decided to get a weaner pig to put in with Johnny's pigs. Anyway so we had to stop at Johnny's to pick up the girls and drop off the pig. They wanted to see the horse, so we got her out for a little bit (she loads like a dream), brushed her out and then loaded her back up and off we went. Get her home and settled, then back out the door to go to a momsdaughtersandhorses.com meeting! in Spokane! By the time I got home I was ready to collapse, went to bed and then got up for work on Monday! Another great beginning to a week! This next weekend I am watching a friend of mine's daughter (she is 3) wish me luck!