Tuesday, September 15, 2009

On another note this is a picture of Tidbit now Zeb. He was a rescue from a couple years ago that I took in as a yearling. When he was two he went to his new home in Wenatchee. This is him now as a 4 year old in training. It is so nice to see that he ended up in such a great home. And thanks to Linda - I can now put pictures on here! Thanks for the advice Linda.
I got to go riding again this last weekend. I went to Farragut with Andrea and Candee. It was alot of fun - Andrea rode Ben and Candee brought her own horse - I of course rode Willow. The weather was perfect warm with a light breeze. It was alot of fun. I really need to remember to get some pics one of these rides. Willow wasn't too sure what to do after some horses passed us, she kept walking out so fast like she was trying to catch them. Then we climbed a few hills and she slowed back down. Only one mishap at the end of the day - while unloading Ben my friends dog heeled him when he was half out of the trailer and he came flying back in, but I just bent my thumb back and it is pretty sore. The dog is no longer on my good list :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sure wish I could figure out how to post pictures on here. There have been some good ones.
On another note I went to Farragut after work with my neighbor yesterday. I still had my friend's three horse and it has dividers in it (where my trailer does not). So I called a neighbor I met recently Candee and asked if she wanted to go to Farragut. When I got to her house her horse has not been in a trailer for 2 years - on the opposing side Willow has never been in the trailer by herself so she was a little nervous for the beginning of the ride. After getting Candee trapped - got the mare in and attached to the quick release and she pulled back and to the side trapping her - I am now a firm believer in the quick release tie downs as that was the only thing that saved her - well worth the money I paid for them. Anyway she loaded up and we got the door closed and once she figured out she couldn't go backwards she was fine. We rode for about 2 1/2 hours a couple new trails, there are so many there but they all circle back around eventually. It was such a perfect night for a ride, not to hot, nice breeze blowing. My legs are not happy with me today with that being my second long ride in two days but it sure was fun. I wish I could go out every day, if only I didn't have to work :).

On a good note Dwane is going to look into a union job my old neighbor just called him on. He may have to go out of town for a couple months but $25.00 an hour would be hard to pass up, especially since he will not have to pay to stay there. They will let him use their camper while he is there. So fingers crossed, once he gets in there will be other jobs closer to home, did I mention the beginning job would be in Boise?