Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Busy with the kids only two and a half weeks of school left. Kylie got glasses today they look pretty cute. I will have to get a picture up. I built a temporary fence for the horse or a hillbilly fence by the shop so they could eat up some of the grass - kills me to see all that grass and not one horse eating it :). Nothing worse then a field full of grass fenced and no animals to eat it all up! Of course the only horse to get out would be Willow - I only let them out there if I am out there for that reason - but she was easy to catch and put away. I still haven't called any shoers I really need to but the thought of trying another one has me frustrated - every time I get one I like something happens - the ones that are available all the time I don't like - guess I will figure it out in good time! In the mean time no riding until they get their feet done (I know I am a bad mom). I did ride Ben and Autumn a couple weekends ago - well me on Autumn and a friend on Ben - we had fun till Autumn cut her foot then we had to head home she is fine, but it was a bummer. That is all for now not much to report, oh except I am addicted to farmville is there any help!

Monday, May 3, 2010

another day

The wind is just howling out there. The horses are hanging in the trees out of the wind as much as possible. I am glad we have feeders for them to eat out of or their hay would be long gone before they even got a bite.

Here is a picture of Coco thinking she is driving! She loves to go bye. Kylie was home sick with Dwane today. Some kind of throat thing hopefully it just blows over.
Work is still crazy, we will find out who they hire on Wednesday. I am still hoping Tim picks Sam but we will see!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Internet at HOme

Finally I have my internet back at home! I am so excited. I took Kylie to Sam's farm the other day and she rode Robin for about 3 hours in the arena. It was great to see her on a horse and she actually wants to go next time I go to Farragut. So if the weather will ever cooperate we will go. I took Willow on the Hauser Lions club ride with Sam and Ken last weekend. It was alot of fun and more of a real mountain ride then I have had in a while. Willow was pretty tired by the end but she did wonderful. She was the only horse I took from my group so I wasn't sure how she would do but she did great. We also galloped for the first time where that was actually my plan. We loped three or four times and she only kicked out once when one of the other horses came up beside her. So hopefully I will be able to blog more and do more on line now!