Monday, August 23, 2010

Riding, Riding, Riding


I have been on a few rides. Went to Farragut. I have ridden Willow around the loop a couple times by herself and she did really well. My confidence level has grown alot. This last weekend I went with Teresa to Lakeview past the Happy Hermit and rode up Gold Creek with Kylie. When we got there Kylie said she didn't want to go but I had just driven almost 2 hours on dirt roads to get there and she didn't get a choice, she now wants to go riding this coming weekend. She had a moment about going over water and then went across. Then she had a moment about going down hill, she didn't concure that on the first day but on the second she figured it out. Dwane went with me on Sunday and we met them at the Happy Hermit and went from there to explore some trails. He got to ride Hemi and liked her. I was a little worried at first but it turned out really good. Here are some pictures from the weekend.