Monday, August 31, 2009

Long overdue update

I know it has been a long time since I have been on here. I just could not make myself write about how my summer has gone. First the horses are all good - but until yesterday I had not ridden since June. I really needed their feet to be done and finally was able to find a new shoer and get them done. First I guess I will update my ride from yesterday. I finally got Dwane on a horse. I got Ben back a couple weeks ago as Sam has moved into her new house and does not have fencing up and wants to get down to a couple horses. We borrowed my friends 3 horse trailer and we loaded up and went to Farragut. Dwane on Ben, Kylie on Autumn and me on Willow - all was good till about half way through the ride. Kylie had gotten a little too comfortable and when Autumn spooked at a motorcycle she was not able to pull back fast enough and Autumn took off like a bullet. She was all out and my heart just dropped (Dwane is in the background yelling) I am trying to follow and calm her down but not make Autumn feel like she is being chased. Kylie finally got her reins up and pulled her back down to a walk and then a stop. She was pretty scared - but got back on. I did take Willow's halter off from under her bridle and put it on Autumn under her bridle and ponied her, I did not control Autumn she had the ability to go in front of Willow and I made sure Kylie knew that the only time I was going to stop her was if she took off like that again. By the end of the ride Kylie was back in control and paying attention the whole time. We did have one incident with Willow - the rope got caught around her butt because I wasn't paying enough attention - I always knew if she was going to buck it would be hard - one jump and I was up over the saddle horn and basically sitting on her neck - but she stopped instantly when I pulled back, if she had taken another jump I would have been on the ground. Other then that it was about a 3 hour ride and we had fun.
Prior to this Dwane got fired from his fill in job - some weeks he would work 3 days some 2 days and some not at all - so it was not a job I loved anyway. I just could never depend on what he was going to make from week to week. Which made it very hard to catch up. The guy was a jerk too and expected them to drive whether it was legal or not. He got a $150 ticket the week before because his log book was over an hour and he got stuck there for 10 hours or would have been if I had not found another driver and went and got him. Anyway he did start a new job today so just need to keep our fingers crossed they keep him busy. It is very frustrating as I really wanted to go to the MDH playday but was too broke to go-it has been a long time since I had to watch my pennies this closely and I have to say I don't like it :).