Monday, December 29, 2008

I survived the Holidays! For as much drama as there was picking a date I was not sure how well it was going to be. But as a normal family we all got together and had a good time. Dwane got an Ipod from his mom, so we had to have the neighbor set it all up for him. I am not technically inclined at all :).
The girls were happy with their gifts which is always a good feeling. I know Christmas was extremely toned down this year and I am not sure they even noticed. I put more thought into their gifts so that helped, I think that is what I will focus on in the future.
The horses are all good. The snow is ridiculous and looks like we will be getting alot more. Crazy weather, especially since it rained yesterday and is snowing today. Will it ever end? Will we ever be out from all these piles of white? Will Stubby ever be able to walk out of his shelter? HAHA! We had a backhoe in Saturday then it all slushed yesterday and looks worse, then now is back to frozen and more snow today!
I mostly did nothing this weekend :(. I was so lazy that I was very restless and cranky yesterday. I know better but I sat around the house for 3 days doing absolutely nothing. Which makes me more anxious then if I would just get up and do anything! I know I am wierd.
Have a good New Year if I don't get back on here!

Monday, December 22, 2008

The weather is crazy! 4 ft of snow and counting, still snowing, never ending battle. The ponies are all cold! I ended up getting a couple extra blankets and swapping them. Put the dry blanket on, take the frozen blanket into the house to wash and dry, then swap to the next horse. I have never had my blankets freeze up like they are this year. The only one that hasn't is Ben's new blanket. I need to get some scotch guard and see if that helps. I hauled Prince up to some friends house in the middle of a blizzard, their horse passed away and the other one was very lonely. They have a really nice shelter and shavings that they can get out of the weather in and Prince kept going out into the pasture. Willow kept chasing him out of the pen. So now he is nice and toasty, no wind and shelter with Joe. They became fast buddies and it is working out nicely. Luckily their water heaters are good. I do need to get another salt block as theirs is buried under alot of snow and was almost gone anyway!
The girls got a couple of extra days off of school! They had snow days Thursday and Friday. Kylie was not happy as they were supposed to go to the movies on Friday for school. The Tales of Desperaux. We are going to a movie this weekend. I was going to go Christmas day, but now Dwane's family picked a day and time for dinner (which I have been trying to get them to do for a week) and it will be on Christmas at 4. Then his sister called me all mad and yelling that she thought I didn't want it that day, I told her I was not involved in picking the time and day and she needed to talk to her brothers and her mom. That sent her into a tizzy and then she apologized for yelling at me :(, what to do?
Anyway, Happy Holidays to all!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Well we went and found Haley a coat she will wear (she better, coats are expensive!). Made it part of her Christmas. Then we had to stop at Corral West as they are going out of business and found Kylie a pair of cowboy boots that she liked, so we snagged those for 30% off. Now she will be better equipped for riding this spring! and safer. Now if I could find a pair of boots to fit my dumb feet. I hate my feet, one of those girls that actually hate shoes but just because they never fit. Most of the time I have to buy men's shoes and they are still not wide enough. Plus since I had surgery on one foot and not the other they are two different sizes! Sure wish miss Emma (Sam's dog) hadn't chewed up my boots :). Wouldn't be bad if I could just go buy a pair that fit but I have looked for a year and a half and not found a pair to fit right. (plus I am picky about how that look that does not help). Anyway! have a good one!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Only 10 days till Christmas! Man it snuck up on me this year. Thankfully we have all of the girls shopping done. The tree got put up yesterday, Haley was at a friend's and didn't get to help, but you do things when time allows. I stayed home all weekend. It was so nice to have a weekend and not have to be anywhere. Kylie's basketball game got canceled due to weather on Saturday. They will make it up this week sometime. Haley has basketball, but right after school, so I won't be able to make it.
It is freezing here! 3 when I left the house -20 with the wind chill factor. Dwane and I built a wall for the horses yesterday as the wind is blowing from the north, which is unusual. I should say Dwane built it and I helped put it up. Looked like the michelin man out there with all my snow clothes on. The horses are all blanketed as they were all shivering, the weather just got too cold too fast. Stubby had to be double blanketed as there was no heat under his blanket when I checked just cold. Makes him look really chunky. I have also been giving them an extra meal a day. We went out right before bed last night and gave them a little more hay. Hopefully that helped. I always feel bad when it is cold. If we could have sold our fifth wheel they could have went in the shop to stay out of the cold. But no the camper takes up all the room.
Other then that it was fight to get Haley to wear a coat today to school. 3 degrees out and she thinks it is uncool to wear a coat. We will have to go tonight to get her one as hers magically disappeared, so I made her wear one of mine(how mortifying). She is not happy with me, but I am not real impressed with her attitude either :).
Well everyone stay warm! I really don't like the cold, but maybe we will have a white Christmas. I have about a foot of snow at my house already. Dwane got to plow for a couple hours! Gotta keep up on that stuff!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Another busy week! Last week went by so fast, I swear I blinked and it was gone. Friday we went to our neighbor Doug & Lynn's for movie and dinner! It was fun, but got home about 11. Saturday, Haley had basketball at 7:30 am, well the game started at 8 but we had to be there early. She did very well I was impressed with how much she has grown in basketball over last year. Kylie had a game at 12, she did great, stole the ball like 5 times. Her team as a whole played really great, the best they have done all year. Amazing how fast they learn as 9 year olds to play. Makes me wonder how I would have done if I had started that young. I played from my freshmen year on. Then I got to cook a turkey for dinner with the neighbors. We didn't have any left overs from Thanksgiving (since we went to someones house) so I made a turkey, mashed tatoes, corn, gravy all very yummy! We watched movies and had alot of fun!
Sunday, we went to a Birthday party for Haley's cousin at Triple Play. Then on to the December/Xmas party. That was alot of fun. The gift exchange was great. I think Haley got her gift stolen 5 times. She did end up getting what she wanted (by trading with mom). Kylie got a saddle blanket which she really needed. I got an ornament and coffee mug!
Work is really busy and I will be happy when they get someone hired. I should have went for my ride on Saturday as when I got up on Sunday it was raining :(. Guess will hope for better weather next weekend.(wishful thinking I know). Here's to another week, almost Christmas(not my favorite time of year).

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving was good! Good food, good friends and family, all was fun. I took my sister with me to St Maries and then had to drive her back to Spokane after dinner. I was pretty tired by the time we got home. Haley and I went shopping Friday morning but not until about 9 am. She had Birthday money left to spend and I needed to pick up a few things. She got lots of goodies. I found a couple x-mas presents for Kylie at 1/2 price (always love that) and then Corral West in Coeurdalene is going out of business, so I got me two Cowgirl Up sweatshirts. It was kind of funny as I had not bought any sweatshirts all day, even though that was what I was looking for. Corral West was our last stop and actually we were on our way out of the parking lot and saw a guy holding a going out of business sign and turned around and went back. After that I dropped Haley off at a friends and headed back to St Maries, I think I could make that drive in my sleep. Came home Saturday night (the end of hunting season YEAH!) Sunday we took Kylie to see 4 Christmas's it was a very funny movie.
The horses are all wet and I put their blankets on Friday as it was snowing. Now it is just raining and almost too warm for blankies, hoping it will stop raining so I can take them off. Also hoping it would either freeze or stop raining so Dwane can go back to work. He drives a couple days and then is off again. He has a couple prospects for new jobs, but none have panned out yet. They just closed the Chilco mill by our house until January, this really is getting scary. Anyway hope all had a good weekend, my diet has fallen by the wayside, but I have lost 10 lbs. Now the trick will be getting going again :) It is always so expensive to diet, have you ever noticed all the food that is bad for you is alot cheaper? No wonder there is a weight problem, if it is high fat and calories and totally not healthy you can buy it, anything good for you lower in fat and what not is twice as much. Crazy world we live in!