Thursday, January 22, 2009

About a week and a half until moving day, actually less then that a week and one day. I am still arranging to get the horses settled until this snow melts and we can build fence. I think we are going to go with t-posts and hot wire for now. We are just renting so I don't want to build anything permanent like the other house. We are also going to look into getting a couple portable stalls that way if we do move we can take them with. I really have to buckle down this weekend and pack. The poor horses have been neglected, we only visit to feed.
On another note from reading blogs - the mugwump chronicles (linked on fugly's blog) I read about Laura Crum and her books. So I went on Amazon and ordered a few of them. They are great - Haley really enjoys them too. It is nice to have a book to discuss with her. They are not really long either so makes for nice light reading. They all center around a vet named Gail. I have read one and a half so far and really like them.
I packed half of my books last night. I cannot believe how many books I have. Probably 10 boxes so far and only half done. But I love to read!
Haley is accepting moving more. I really tried to explain she should feel lucky we found a nice house in the same school district where we can keep the horses. One family that we know lives just down the street, I called them last night and asked if they were going to put a for sale sign in their yard because of the new neighbors. They seem excited to have us moving in the neighborhood.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Rescued Horse Visit

Hi everyone! Some of us from the club went up to see the horses that were rescued in Springdale Sunday. Sam and I rode up together and then Alisa, Katie, Kaleb, Theresa, and Gracie came up together. We were going to play with the babies but by the time we walked around and Cassie introduced us to all of the horses that were rescued and their horses it was getting later. I was able to take up blankets donated by Andrea in Post Falls and Theresa brought up some straw bales. The yearlings to two year olds are bouncing back fast. They have done a good job on working with them as they were able to walk through them. They are looking healthier then the pictures from just a week ago. The mares are looking better but still pretty thin. But if they are pregnant it will be harder for them to bounce back. It was great to meet Pam and her daughter. They are working very hard for these horses. Theresa is going to adopt one of the babies, really cute little black and white one. The little one in the pictures on Linda's blog in the house is my absolute favorite. If I was in a better position I would take her in a heartbeat.
On another note I went out and saw Sam's new place on Sunday too! It is really neat! She is very excited to move in. It will be nice to have such a great barn! and pens, and sheds, and etc! She is going to take Stubby until the weather is better. She is also going to take Ben so that Ralph can learn to ride on him. I think it will be a great match. Then if I want to go riding over here I will already have a horse here :) . Other then that just starting to pack - I took 8 bags to goodwill out of the dreadful closet. Look I finally get the stupid thing cleaned out just so we can move :) Other then that 2 1/2 weeks and we move - still not sure how happy to be, but it should be good!

Friday, January 9, 2009

In the middle of my own financial crisis but my horses will never go hungry. I do not understand the mentality of some people that can sit and let their horses starve. Some of the people from the group I belong to ( are going to Springdale to help in any way we can with 33 starved horses. They were rescued by some people (Fantasy Farms Thoroughbreds and Shephards Way Horse Rescue) and moved to a ranch. We have as a group donated a ton of hay (or the money for one) and there are 4 or 5 of us that are going up to help. Anyway just needed to say how I do not understand this and more later on what happens this weekend!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Major Change

How do I explain this one? Guess just say I am moving at the end of this month. It is only a couple miles away and I will be able to take the horses with me (well as soon as I can finish fence) The sides are fenced but the back and front will need to be fenced. I may try and get some panels to make a couple pens until we can see where to fence (with the 5 feet of snow). It is a very nice house (nicer then I live in). Granite in the kitchen and bath - a little smaller then my house - no extra rooms, like the office and big laundry room that I have now - My room will be way bigger with a walk in closet - but the girls rooms will be a little smaller - the living room and kitchen are alot bigger - it has a wood stove - on 5 acres - there is a shop and a 2 car garage. So that is my news, we will be trying to sell our house before the bad men come and take it (haha I know it is not funny, but sometimes you just have to laugh). The girls will be in the same school which was a major goal of mine.
Now just have to pack and get everything together. I really wasn't planning on moving again, thought we were in our forever home! Isn't life so fun. If Dwane even had the inkling of a job I would be able to stay, but so far not alot popping out there. I don't care what they say about mortgage crisis there are still companies that do not work with you. Some people say that they will once you are seriously in trouble and about to forclose but I have animals and cannot wait to get a 30 day notice and then try and find something. Yes I have checked into several avenues and this one seems to be the best solution. At least I will save 1,000 a month by renting this house, how many people can do that, rent a nicer house for 1/2 your house payment. Well in this market I guess it is probably not that odd. That is where we are at!
I will be happy if this snow keeps melting! Really tired of plowing and shoveling. The horses are standing on at least a two foot tall slab of snow with 5 foot everywhere they have not trampled down. The pony has a little path all the way around his shelter and a path that Dwane shoveled to his water. My brain is now blank - everyone have a good day!