Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Here is a picture of my Dad on Autumn! He came to visit in early March and we actually got to go riding. If Ben had not been being a pill I may have gotten a better picture. This was our second ride of his visit - the first one I didn't even think to take a picture. It was fun to go riding with him again - it has only been about 20 years since we were out on horses together. That makes me feel really old! He surprised me and showed up at my work one day from Nebraska, I didn't even know he was coming! We had a good visit and the girls were happy to see him as always. The weather was awesome but poor Ardel who stayed home got hammered with snow! I told him at the beginning of this year that it was their turn for snow - for once I was right :).

Work has been crazy busy. The company I used to work for went under so all of their old customers looking for laminate are calling us. Makes for a long day sometimes :) but we are getting through and I love to see our sales go through the roof (job security).

The girls just ended the third quarter of school - can't believe they are almost done with the year. Haley will be a Freshman this fall and Kylie will be in the 6th grade - last year of elementary. Where does all the time go? I took Kylie to Sam's work the other day and she rode a horse there, Robin, for like 3 hours. It was good to see her on a horse again, now if we can keep it going. I might trailer Autumn to an arena so she can get that same confidence back on her. We will see how it goes. I have only ridden about 4 times so far - twice with my dad and twice with Sam, where are all my riding buddies that wanted to ride last year? They better start calling!