Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It has been one week on my new diet - down 3 1/2 lbs! Yeah, it is working! I am finally starting to feel better, I always get sick when I lower my food intake, that is one of the reasons I have a hard time with it. Once I get it down it doesn't bother me, if I would just keep the intake down :).
Haley is finally bringing her grades up, she actually had a C in advanced math, now it is a B. As long as she is trying. I always know when she is slacking because she is definitely and A/B student. Haley had her 13th Birthday party last weekend, that was fun 16 - 12 year olds running around. It worked out really well though even though 9 of them stayed the night :(. We carved pumpkins, made brownies, danced, bobbed for apples, and ran around. Only one part of drama, one of the girls boyfriend's broke up with her by text during the party (what to do with the technology out there?). Pulled it off without any other hitches and Haley was happy, of course her birthday is not until Halloween, but wanted to get her party done before her Birthday not after. Kylie has finally learned this week that her actions have consequences, she didn't clean her room and she didn't get to go to skate night (and she didn't throw a fit, nice she is starting to grow up).
The horses are all good. Ben's new blanket came in this week, I put it in the barn like it has been there all along. There is a story behind this (isn't there always!). This summer Dwane tells me that I can buy this saddle I wanted then he proceeds to tell me since he bought all of his motorcycle riding gear already. Then tells me he had it when he went riding with our neighbor (now this was about a month and a half before) but that since it had been in the basement the whole time without me seeing it he was not hiding it from me. So I figure if the blanket is in the barn without him seeing it that is his problem (I know it will be an argument later :) but a fun one, I love I told you so's). Now I have to go out and see if the blanket fits Ben this weekend and I need to measure the pony's blanket and get it fixed before it gets colder and snowy! Here is to keeping warm this winter.

Monday, October 27, 2008

I actually went riding this weekend! Yeah, I rode the new one, Ben. My neighbor rode Prince. Prince was a little stiff at first but warmed up (still not sure how he will fair this winter, it really isn't that cold yet). Ben was an absolute dream, I was not nervous once, it felt great! Now if I could just feel that way on Willow we would have a whole different ball game. I am tired of riding in the pen, I just want to go trail ride with out the prickly feeling. But if I would just ride more in the pen the faster I would be able to go trail riding. I still haven't given up and am determined to ride more every year, which I have accomplished. Every year I have ridden more and more. I think Ben will be great for Kylie, he has definitely done some trail riding. He followed like a champ, was more alert and paid attention while in the lead (but not spooky). I tried both saddles on him without the pad first to see how they would fit. My cutting saddle fits the best and has the most room around his broken withers, plus it sits right. Looks funny as it is farther back then it should be, but that is where it fits on his back. He is big enough though that I am still in the middle of his back! Anyway was alot of fun and I am definitley looking forward to more riding on the weekends! Planning a ride with Sam for next weekend, hope it works out!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Another day another pound! I hate being fat! 2 years ago I lost 30 lbs, I felt great. Needless to say those 30 have come back in the last 6-8 months, a lb here and a lb there. So I have started doing the weight watchers thing again. Now before I was at work with someone who did it with me, now I work with 2 guys and that is it. (not alot of support there). I was sitting here thinking I am hungry (even though I just ate my rice cake) and thought just blog about it and maybe it will be a new source of inspiration. My horses would like it if I didn't weigh over 200 lbs, and so would I. My goal is 40 lbs (I just didn't quite make it to my goal weight last time). Weigh in once a week, starting on Mondays, follow the basic weight watchers point system, and see if it works again. Then the goal will be to maintain and keep it a life choice.
The poor horses have not seen me in a couple days, except in the dark to feed! They think it is a martian coming to feed them! Really wish Dwane would get power to the shop, gotta love those lanterns. We keep saying every year we will get power and water to the shop, so far has not worked out the best. Although this has been one of the worst years (financially) for us, he did not work for 6 months. As long as the house payment is made and I have hay in the barn we are all good! Hopefully even though the economy is in the toilet things will get better! Gotta keep up the good thoughts anyway!
Haley the ever almost a teenager attitude. Not sure what is going on with her, besides she will be 13 in two weeks. All emotions and no common sense. Can't hear anything you tell her, unless it has to do with something she wants to do. Keep your fingers crossed I can keep my sanity!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Busy weekend! Saturday, Haley had a volleyball tournament - we dropped her off at 7 am in Spirit Lake at the Junior High. Sam and I had the trailer hooked up and were on our way to Deer Park to pick up Ben, the newest addition to my little herd. He was such a good boy, loaded right up with a little grain teasing! Trailered well all the way home. We put him in the cattle panel pen next to the barn and asked the neighbors to keep an eye on him. This way he could meet everyone over the fence while we were on the run.
Back to the Junior High as I had concessions duty, when I get there I find out my daughter signed me up for the wrong time and they had expected me an hour earlier(never fails). I did my concessions duty and managed to watch a game of Haley's in the middle (thanks to another very nice mom who handled it while I was gone). Then off to Spokane, where I volunteered to help Joann from with a booth at Aslin Finch to get the word out on slaughter bound horses. We stayed there for about 2 hours and then headed home.
Once home I got to visit with my old neighbors who were in town for the weekend. Then off to home to pack and go to St Maries, where my inlaws were visiting and leaving Monday, so had to go see them this weekend. Once there I crashed! So very busy day Saturday!
Sunday, we hung out while the guys went hunting. Once they got back I headed to Post Falls to Walmart and then home. Once we got home I rode Ben in the pen and tried out several bridles as I am not sure what he has used previously, I think the hackamore worked best, better stop with the snaffle but everything else was better with the hack. After that we got Prince out to ride, he sure has been a butt lately. All crow hoppy with me, he did fine with the girls, well a little onery for Kylie. Not sure what is going on with him, either he feels really good or he is sore. He wasn't off riding him, just jumpy. I guess we will see what the deal is. Kylie wanted to ride Ben, but I want to ride him a little more and see how he does. My neighbor has started to learn to trim horses feet, so he might come over and do Stubby's feet as they are really bad and my shoer still has not called me back. That is all for today!

Friday, October 17, 2008

The beginning!

I don't even know where to start! I guess the name of my blog, my husband calls my horses Hayburners, so I always told him if we had a farm it would be called the Hayburner Farm (I thought Hayburner Acres sounded better). That is where that came from. Just a place to put my thoughts and happenings with my horses, kids, and life in general. Not that it is all that exciting but may be interesting to some people!

Quick run down on me! I have two daughters. Haley is 12 almost 13 (2 weeks) and in the seventh grade. Kylie is 9 and in the fourth grade. I have been married to Dwane for 11 years. Haley is from my first marriage, but Dwane adopted her when she was 3. We have 4 horses, Willow 5(my baby), Stubby the pony-old (Kylie's), Prince 22 (Haley's horse), Cody 4, and this weekend I pick up Ben 15 (for Dwane). We also have 3 dogs, Zoey 1 (doberman mix), Sassy 10 (Sheltie), Rex 9 (sheltie) - a rabbit named TJ (Thumper Junior) - 3 cats Lily (indoor), Buster (barn), and Scooter (barn). So we are definitely animal poor.

That is the short run down on my family. I look forward to writing about daily happenings in my life!