Monday, December 14, 2009

MDH Christmas Party

Kylie and I went to the annual Christmas party yesterday afternoon. It was so fun. Good to see everyone and talk horses, which is always fun. Kylie had fun playing with the girls, decorating cookies, and making Cookies for the horses to eat. The gift exchange was as fun as always - my first gift was a stuffed animal horse in a purse (which got stolen) and then Kylie ended up stealing it back for her :) all in all a good time, here are some pics:

On another note - we went got hay on Saturday - 2 ton yeah now we can wait a couple months to get more. We also delivered some hay for to some people in need. I can't donate money right now but I can sure donate time to deliver hay! The people were very appreciative and you could tell they love their horses. Now they can keep them and not have them end up in a terrible situation. All in all a pretty good weekend.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

What a depressing post that last one was! I do want to say that before we took that road we tried to do all of the right things. We sold our house last spring (at a loss) as we could rent for half of the payment of the house. Our rental is actually nicer then our house was and the horses still have 5 acres to play on. We also sold anything that was paid for except the horse trailer (which is not worth much) and cut back wherever possible. It was a hard decision to make but in the end it came down to our trucks and four wheelers - our pick ups being 61% of our debt. We did not run up a bunch of credit cards - actually last year we paid off an 8000 credit card and I cut it up. All of our others were under 2000. Anyway not that I needed to justify but after reading the post it struck me that there is no mention of how we got there except that Dwane has not found steady work. ON a good note starting January 4 he will be working for Stimson in Plummer (which means staying at his brothers during the week) for 6 to 8 weeks and then hopefully his dump truck will get busy as they did have driver quit and he will be moved into a permanent position at that time. So hopefully next year will look better then this.

As for the ponies they are doing good. Dwane gets to feed 3 times a day since he is home - I told him instead of feeding extra at feeding time give them an afternoon snack since it is so cold out. They are fat and sassy and I am a fair weather horse person so besides being fed - looked at for ouchies - watered they have it pretty easy all winter :).

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I haven't felt like posting in a while. Life is kind of in an upheaval - Dwane is not working at all anymore and it has become pretty difficult. Unfortuanately we had to bite the bullet and file bankruptcy - which means we both have to find new vehicles, I have found a car but we still have to find a pick up. I guess the good thing will be (if there is anything good out of this) we will be debt free when it is over. Anyway trying to work through and get back on track but have not been very talkative about life so on to more positive.

The horses are doing good even in the -8 degree weather. Their blankets are keeping them warm and they now have the trees to get out of the wind. But they are going into winter fat and sassy. We have to go get hay this weekend - good thing is it went down to $125 a ton and it is the best grass hay I have ever used. The horses just love it and the guy said he would have hay for most of the winter. He sells it until he gets down to about 10 ton and then saves that for spring to make sure he has enough for his cows then sells his excess. I am hoping next year to get all of our hay from him in the summer. Hopefully Dwane will find a job and then we can buy all of our hay at once like last year. That was nice putting 10 ton of hay up all at once and not worrying about it - this year a ton a month is all I can do. Anyway enjoy your horses they are what brings happiness - the simple things that is what I am going back to.