Monday, October 5, 2009

New Saddle

This is my new saddle! Thanks to my Dad. It has been on lay a way most of the summer - I gave up coffee (well almost) and started taking my usual coffee money to put on it. My Dad sent me money for my Birthday and I told him I was going to put it on my saddle and then I should have it out by Christmas - Two days later I received a check in the mail for the remainder amount owing and a Merry Christmas from my Dad! Now all I have to do is figure out how to get the stirrups shorter.

On another note took another ride at Farragut this weekend hence the above picture :). Last weekend rode around the house, the weekend before we went to the Newman Lake Game Preserve. That was okay but not enough trails to warrant trailering from my house. Kylie went, it was her first ride since the Autumn taking off incident. She did ok but she was whiney from not enough sleep (we picked her up from a sleep over on the way there). She rode Ben and did fine. My friend from work who has not ridden in 15 years rode Autumn and had a blast. I feel like I have to try and ride every weekend as the cold is fast approaching and I don't like to be cold :)