Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kylie and I went to the Reardan parade this last weekend. We were riding with our online group momsdaughtersandhorses.com. It went well considering both horses had not been in a parade before. Kylie did good, she got a little nervous while we were standing there as Autumn would not stand still. Willow stood really well up until the time we went in the parade. Then it was back and forth sideways all the way through. We were going to stay and let Kylie do the barrels but I had not gotten to bed until 12 the night before and was up at 5 am to get the horses going. I actually called my dad and told him thanks for getting me to all of those rodeos and parades when I was younger. When you are little you do not realize how much work it can be to have everything you need. He thought that was pretty funny. Hoping to take the girls to Farragut this weekend. I had wanted to go on Sunday but did not find anyone to go with me :(.